Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcoming Rwanda into the Commonwealth

This week Rwanda was the 54th country to be welcomed into the commonwealth, in recognition of the progress made since the genocide of 1994.

It is right and proper that this progress is being celebrated; the commitment and dedication of each Rwandan citizen to re-building their society and protecting unique biodiversity is truly astounding.

Appropriately this is also the UN Year of the Gorilla, a focus on the wonderful work being done across East Africa and beyond in primate conservation. Rwanda is a focal point in this work, as a relatively small country boasting a unique wealth in biodiversity.

So Rwanda and its people are now being recognised for the role they are playing on a global scale to preserve and promote conservation and sustainable development.

Tripbod is proud to work with Edwin Sabuhoro, founder of Rwanda Ecotours, who is playing a leading role in this work.

Sally, founder of Tripbod, enjoyed a visit to a community tourism project with Rwanda Ecotours in June 2008

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